Enhancing Productivity: Get More Out Of Your Day!

American workers spend 27.3 hours per week doing “non-essential” tasks, according to a study by leading productivity consultants PEPworldwide. The majority of this time is spent handling email.

Keeping yourself on track not only improves your quality of work but will also give your boss the signal that you are ready for the next level of your career. You may even find that you no longer rush to complete tasks before starting your weekend. Here are some simple tips to keep your productivity in gear throughout your day.

  • Manage your email. Email can easily cause the derailment of your daily productivity. Establish an organized workload schedule for each day, and only allow yourself a few periods of time to check and respond to
    emails. When you can, don’t respond immediately by email. A phone call can be more productive and avoid communication errors.
  • Minimize multitasking. A study by the Harvard Review showed that multitasking causes a 40% drop in productivity, more stress, and even a 10% dip in overall IQ. Our minds work best when we can stay focused on one task at a time. Prioritize your day to tackle the most important projects first and devote your full attention, until they are complete and before moving on to the next. If an emergency needs your immediate attention, set aside your current project until the problem is solved.
  • Write your plan. At the end of each day consider all of your tasks and write a detailed work plan for the following day. When you arrive in the morning, review it with a fresh mind and adjust as necessary. Follow your plan strictly throughout your work day.
  • Consider assistance. Regardless of how well you manage your time you may still find you have too much work and too few resources. A temporary specialist can take some of the pressure off your work load and stress level. This may be helpful during high intensity seasonal periods, or you may determine that bringing on additional employees will be a good strategy for long-term success.

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Use your Alumni Network | Southern California

Establishing a connection to your university’s alumni association is not only good practice while searching for a job right out of college, but it can also provide great connections throughout your career. Regardless of how long it has been since you graduated, contacting your college’s alumni office and association will lead to better networking and possibly a better career for you! You can improve your career outlook and develop lifelong connections by tapping into the resources available from your college.

  • Contact the career center or online resources. Your university career resource center will maintain a database of the alumni willing to mentor students, which is great for students preparing for graduation or seeking internships.  Online resources are not just for students, though.  Through lists of alumni who have indicated they are willing to support fellow alumni, you may be able to reach out to individuals who share your industry, or live and work in an area of the country that most interests you. Universities take pride in strong support of their alumni and of maintaining connections long after graduation; take advantage of every program available to you.
  • Look for alumni chapters in your city or the city where you want to live. Most people don’t live in their college town for the rest of their lives. Many other graduates will have moved away and established themselves in a new city as well. Alumni, especially from larger schools, will form associations in their towns to network. Reach out to those groups and express your interest in their town. They can offer advice, suggest other networking avenues, and may be able to provide local support to assist in your career goals.  And you might be surprised by the lengths to which people will go to support a fellow graduate of their alma mater!
  • Use LinkedIn to get involved in the alumni groups. LinkedIn is a highly valuable professional internet networking tool. It is easy to research and join informal groups which can connect you to alumni in your city or in your field. People using LinkedIn are there to make connections and thus are often very open to contact, so use that network as much as you can. Ask questions and learn more about job opportunities or industry events. LinkedIn is a free and user-friendly resource.

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Who’s Hiring? Job Forecast in Southern California

While the California unemployment rate is still high, it is slowly improving in line with national economic growth. In fact, the California annual gain was slightly higher than the national labor market in 2011. With the unemployment rate just slightly over ten percent, job seekers are wondering, who’s hiring? The job market is led by high-tech manufacturing, software development, health care, and tourism throughout the state of California.

Southern California has very similar leading job sectors including high-tech and tourism, but also includes industries such as international trade, professional services, and entertainment. The economic gains in the Southern California region have tied the nation in 2012. Orange County has led Southern California in recovery and expansion of jobs in 2012.

Los Angeles County Outlook

Accounting for 27% of California’s population, Los Angeles County is still in the recovering phases of the country’s recession. The county saw large job gains in the private education and health care sectors. Private education includes the area’s nationally recognized universities, private K-12 schools, and job training institutes. These jobs grew through the recession and project a strong forecast moving forward.

The county’s multiple university and teaching hospitals help attract patients and physicians from outside the area. The health care industry was able to grow through the recession and is projected to keep improving in years to come. The unemployment rate will continually lower at a gradual pace. The county is expecting to gain over 22,000 jobs in 2012, overall improving the area’s outlook.

Orange County Outlook

Orange County has been showing positive yearly job growth since 2010. With the lowest unemployment rate in Southern California, hovering just below 8%, Orange Country provides hope to job seekers in the area. Growth in the job sectors of tourism and high-tech show the largest promise moving forward.

The nation’s computer products and information technology industry is booming and Orange County is the central focus. The demand for high-tech products nationally and overseas helps provide a boost to the local economy and has provided job growth through the recession.

Inland Empire Outlook

The Riverside and San Bernardino county economic outlook is promising heading into 2013. The employment rates in these counties seem to be improving. Overall, the Inland Empire has been slower to recover, and the construction, manufacturing, and trade related industries will be key to the job growth in the region.

World trade volumes were expected to increase 4% in 2012. They are expected to grow into 2013 and will increase activity and jobs in the warehouse and distribution sectors on the inland counties. With the increase in trade coming through the California ports, manufacturing and trade related jobs will see an increase moving forward.

State Statistics

For more information and reports on employment statistics in California and individual counties, please visit the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation website.

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