Improve Your Employees’ Quality of Life at Work

Want to see increased productivity, decreased turnover, fewer sick days, and more innovative ideas from your employees? Make their working life better, and all of these great things will happen naturally in your workplace.dv1492004

Research has shown a substantial difference in performance between happy employees and dissatisfied ones. One study reports that employees with a higher quality of work life:

  • Take 66 percent less sick leave
  • Spend 80 percent of their time on the job at work-related tasks (compared to 40 percent for unhappy employees)
  • Have 180 percent more energy than the least satisfied employees in the workplace

As an employer, you can do several things to increase the quality of life for your employees—and they won’t cost you anything but a little time, effort, and thought.

Take the micro out of managing

Today’s workforce is filled with talented self-starters who perform better with freedom. No one can relax with a boss looking over their shoulder all day—and many employees, particularly millenials, are used to being given freedom and space to generate new ideas and innovation.

So ease back on the management leash, and watch your employees blossom into exceptional and productive problem-solvers.

Give out “gold stars” for reaching goals

Goal setting is a great way to encourage motivation and enthusiasm. With a daily or weekly target in sight, your employees will have something to work for—and their natural competitive instincts will drive them to reach those goals.

Of course, it’s a good idea to offer rewards to employees who meet their goals or targets. This doesn’t have to be cash—sometimes small rewards are the most appreciated. Incentivize great work by offering an extended lunch or a half-day off, and your employees will work even harder to attain those benchmarks.

Throw down the gauntlet

The happiest employees feel like they’re part of what’s happening with their company, and that their input is both welcomed and acted upon. To encourage this sense of belonging, challenge your employees to investigate and solve some of the problems within your organization, or to take on new tasks that may not fall within their regular job functions.

Involving employees with larger changes can strengthen loyalty and increase productivity, as they feel their actions will directly affect their own work environment.

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Job Hunts Go Mobile: Is Your Website Ready?

Today’s job seekers are increasingly tech-savvy. With mobile devices like smartphones and tablets now an integral part of daily life, most of the available talent is searching for—and applying to—jobs on the go. 111819231

In the fall of 2012, nearly one-third of Google job searches were performed on mobile devices—up from just 17 percent in November of 2012. More importantly, the big job boards are seeing an increase in mobile traffic, with both and reporting mobile searches that have more than doubled in the past year.

The attraction to mobile job hunting

Smartphones and tablets have made just about everything more convenient. When users can do their banking, shopping, and emailing from their phones, it’s a natural extension to start transferring other typical computer activities to mobile devices.

By going mobile, candidates can search for jobs anywhere, anytime. Job seekers can set up email alerts on mobile devices, see job postings in real time, and apply on the spot. In addition, those who are currently employed can browse jobs on their lunch breaks or commutes, using a non-corporate network.

How companies are failing to capitalize

Despite the rising popularity of mobile job hunts, a majority of companies are making it hard for mobile candidates to apply. Only 29 percent of businesses with more than 500 employees have mobile-optimized websites—which means the other 71 percent of business sites will display tiny, barely readable text on a mobile screen.

Even Fortune 500 companies aren’t optimizing on mobile. Around 2 percent of them have job applications that are designed for mobile users. Most Fortune 500 companies use a third-party system that forces job seekers to grind through as many as 15 pages just to apply. On CareerBuilder, 40 percent of those who don’t use the mobile software provided by the job board site abandon the lengthy application process.

Is your site responsive?

Having a mobile-friendly website that is optimized for job seekers is essential in today’s hiring environment. A long, cumbersome application process that doesn’t display well on smaller screens will frustrate those who are tech-savvy—often the very people you want to hire.

Look at your website from the mobile job seeker’s point of view, and make sure your application process could be easily completed on a lunch break. Creating a separate mobile site, or tailoring your existing website for mobile friendliness, could be the smartest recruiting decision you make this year.

Get a helping hand from Helpmates

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The Burning Question: What Your Resume Must Answer

Your resume represents the first impression you’ll make on a prospective employer. This piece of paper, or more commonly an electronic file, will singlehandedly determine whether you’ll move on to the next round—the all-important 148132650interview—or get voted off the candidate stack. And the key to grabbing an employer’s or recruiter’s attention is making sure your torch burns brighter than all the other “sell sheets” in the pile.

So how do you do that? Make sure your resume is crafted to answer the single most important question employers ask themselves about every job application that crosses their desks.

What’s the question?

Of course, recruiters and employers want to know whether you have the necessary education and skills for the position. The problem is, a majority of the resumes they review will meet those basic qualifications. The more important question—and the one your resume must answer—is this:

What makes you better than every other candidate applying for this particular job?

It’s not about simply making yourself employable. That term fits just about every job seeker on the market. You need to look like the logical choice, the perfect fit, for this position at this company—with every resume you send out.

What’s the answer?

The best strategy is to take a completely different view of resumes. Rather than simply creating a list of your experiences and accomplishments, you need to view your resume as a marketing tool.

When applying for a job, you are selling yourself to employers and recruiters—or rather, the idea of yourself as a standout employee that they simply must have on their team. This means leaving out the jargon and the vague descriptions with ten-dollar words. Keep it straightforward and get right to the point. Remember there’s a good chance you’ll be sourced online, so your resume should use direct, compelling language.

Make sure that your actual work experience, strengths, expertise, and work-related skills are clearly articulated. Highlight your accomplishments, achievements, and awards, and don’t forget to emphasize your soft skills—an area that’s becoming increasingly important in today’s business world.

Finally, reach out to an executive recruiter for help highlighting your attributes and polishing your words. Having an extra set of professional eyes lets you bring out positive aspects you may not have otherwise noticed—after all, we’re often the worst judges of our own strengths.

Helpmates: We’re here for you

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